Case Studies

Australian IT company and marketing company

Time worked with- 4 years

We began working with this IT company five years ago, delivering guest posts for their various web posting and domain sale brands. We delivered this around 60 guest posts per month across their various brands helping them to become market leaders in Australia. Having dominated the niche and generated tens of millions of dollars the company decided to branch out into search engine optimisation services.

After early discussions with the marketing director, who is going to be leading the expansion, we agreed to terms and the company began offering on-site and off-site search engine optimisation to its bank of clients through a new search engine optimisation brand.

The first six months we delivered campaigns for around a dozen of their new clients and it is grown from their. We have around a 90% repeat order rate for new clients many of whom have gone on to be ongoing customers requiring anywhere from a couple to a dozen guest posts per month.

Having shown proof of concept with the parent company expansion plans are now underway to 50 and a hundred customers doing regular guest posting and webpage improvement projects. We have been integral part of the expansion plan, delivering guest posts and content for campaigns as the new brand move from one, two, three and two for full-time account managers in a short period of time.

Key to the relationship has been trust, and our unwavering commitment to delivering guest posts fast and with quality. New clients expect turnaround times to be met and we always push hard to ensure that they are and that expectations are exceeded rather than just met.

UK and US addiction company

Our copywriting arm was engaged to provides an array of content across a number of brands for this huge addiction rehab company.

With addiction niche banned from advertising on Google AdWords major Avenue channels were stopped overnight. This challenge required a change of tact and our content and guest posting campaigns were mobilised to deliver volume content and targeted guest posts.

With the addiction niche being a medical area, we ensure that the content was always factually correct, and that is we found websites that were appropriate for the types of visitors that the client was looking for. Our goal was to drive both visitors and site authority, helping pages to be found and rank quickly and generate a new marketing avenue to get customers into their rehabs.

We delivered is hundred and 50+ guest post links on everything from mummy blogger websites to medical websites. The client was able to recover some traction in the marketing and overcome the challenge of losing thousands of visitors per month when Google AdWords closed its doors to them.

American search engine optimisation company

With an working with the specific agency for five years now, delivering some content but mainly guest posts for the massive Bank of clients. This is a white label relationships where we deliver the services that they are selling to agencies and big brands. All content and domains are approved and we tailor websites to the specific requirements of each agency will work with and each client with that they bring to the table.

We have strict 30 day turnaround times for this client and produce 1000+ word articles in the majority of the projects, driving relevance and site authority. Many of the clients roll every month, whilst some have shorter campaigns that we work on to promote specific aspects of a business.

This project are shown our adaptability to work with a central agency but deliver multiple requirements across a number of stakeholders.

We have worked with hundreds of companies over the last decade have a massive amount of experience and a huge bank of prospects who take the content that we produce. Our approach is always content based, offering publishers something of real value, whilst naturally incorporating landing pages and anchors that fits seamlessly into the content that we produce.

If you are looking for a content or guest post partner to help you drive your rankings, or those of your clients, then get in touch today and we will show you a demonstration of how we can provide you with terrific value through guest posting content services, and how we can make your life easier by taking the heavy lifting of outreach, content production and publishing off your hands.

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